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Google s highly expected Android L mobile operating system, showcased way back at the internet giant s IO Developer Conference in June this year, has been a topic of rumour mills which has grabbed the attention of people across the world.

Now, in yet another interesting development, Android L s public stable build is rumoured to be released as Licorice , rather than as Lion or Lollipop as claimed by earlier reports.

The new Android L nomenclature stems from a new report published in Google+ post by Giovanni Calabrese – one of the people involved in fixing nomenclatures for new Android builds.

I never had a great liking for Licorice, but damn! there are some great flavors out there,  Google s Giovanni states in his official Google+ post.

The above statement could be a direct hint about Android 5.0 being called Licorice when released.

Google has a track record of concealing the names of Android stable builds until they are released, which in turn builds up anticipation among people eagerly awaiting the next Android OS iteration.

What you can expect within Android L?

Android L has got people across the globe waiting for it, by virtue of one main expected functionality – the Material Design user interface (UI) which promises a refreshed user experience.

Also, Google has integrated within Android L, its new Android Wear platform for Wearables . This integration allows users to unlock smartphones without keying in a PIN , if they are wearing a smartwatch.

Notifications have also been given a make-over, allowing users to respond to them directly from the lock screen.

Under the hood, Google is also working on improving battery life (Project Volta) and now supports 64-bit chips and promises to improve performance thanks to a move entirely to Android Runtime (ART).

As of now, Android L is slated to get a November release date.

Android L-like Material Design starts rolling out for Android users

Google has updated its official Google+ app, to feature Material Design UI.

Upon downloading the Google+ application, users should notice a brand-new screen layout, and a revamped Photos section that now looks seemingly much easier to work upon.

The updated Google+ application featuring Material Design UI/user experience is now available for download from the official Google Play Store which has also been updated to provide a new Material Design look and feel to Android mobile users.

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Android L Rumoured to be Released as Licorice Not Lollipop , Will Bring Material Design to Android Phones
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