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The headteachers and governors of failing schools will be able to be sacked under new proposals announced by David Cameron.

The extra powers, which include measures to impose tough classroom discipline, are part of Conservative plans to rescue 500 failing English schools.

A future Conservative government also plans to set up a crack squad of teachers who can be sent to classrooms that are not coming up to scratch.

Mr Cameron wrote in the Daily Mail that he wants all youngsters to enjoy the same brilliant education his children do and said no children should endure second-rate schooling.

Writing directly to parents, he said: Taking my four-year-old daughter Florence to school for the first time is something I won t forget.

All parents know that feeling - the apprehension as you let go of your child s hand and watch them run across the playground towards their new friends.

But what gave me peace of mind, what made it a little easier to walk away, was knowing that Florence is being taught at a brilliant state primary school.

I want for your children what I have for my own, because no child in Britain should be born to have a second-rate education.

The Government s plans aim to tackle the time it takes to turn around badly performing schools.

There have been concerns about the impact a delay can have on children s education.

The Conservatives say that up to 100,000 youngsters would be able to receive a better education if their proposals are put in place.

The so-called rescue package , which will be put together with the help of experts, will be included in the party s general election manifesto.

Department for Education processes have been under greater scrutiny after a number of problems in schools have hit the headlines.

The Al Madinah School in Derby and the Discovery New School in Crawley, West Sussex, were both recently forced to close, and in Birmingham, the so-called Trojan Horse letter led Ofsted to issue a damning verdict on a number of the city s schools.

Shadow education secretary Tristram Hunt said: I have announced that Labour will introduce new local Directors of School Standards to provide rigorous oversight of all state schools, spotting and acting on problems before it is too late.

But ministers have refused to take action throughout the entirety of this Parliament.

On the issue of teacher quality, the Government has changed the rules to allow unqualified teachers into the classroom. Labour will end this damaging policy, focusing on delivering highly qualified teachers in every classroom.

Ministers are now trying to play catch-up but the public will see that it is this Government s damaging schools policy that has failed pupils.

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